Fun in the Nursery!
April 4, 2016
Pleasuring Your ABDL Mommy
April 7, 2016

My adult bABy girl Alyssa called me the other night which was wonderful as always, however, this time she said she wanted to have the call with both me and her Auntie Janey.  It was my pleasure to that since I always want her to be a happy little bABy girl.  It was also a pleasure to meet Janey on the phone since we had talked in the ABDL Chat Room so often but never had we had a two Mommy call.  We just sat there and told Alyssa what a pretty baby girl she was since she was dressed in her my little pony outfit and had her baby clips that Mommy got her in her hair.  I know she had been naughty earlier that day but this little baby girl managed to run the call out since Janey and I were being so sweet to her.  Call me and I’ll make you feel just like the cute bABy you know you are.



Meet the phone sex mommies


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