What if
March 25, 2009
Just Peachy
March 25, 2009


Peek-a-boo! I see you see me! *giggles* Yes you know you like my cute little bottom. You know you want to diaper it up, don’t you? You want to see it thickly padded and you want me to pee in my diaper for you!

Little Jenna needs someone to take care of her. Are you that someone special? Can you give me the spankings I deserve? Can you handle me when I giggle and coo and pretend that I never did anything wrong. The neighbor’s doggie sure does know how to make a mess of things.

I didn’t do it! I didn’t do it! Nyah nyah you can’t spank me!!!

I’m adorable, look!
Come chat, it’s fun!

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