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February 23, 2016
Nanny Ella’s Nursery Tales: Pammy’s Playmate, Part 6
February 23, 2016
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Nanny Ella’s Nursery Tales: Pammy’s Playmate, Part 5

Welcome back to Nanny Ella’s ABDL Nursery. Time for more of Pammy’s tale…

Pammy was simply shocked at everything that was coming out of Elizabeth’s mouth. How could this woman simply *tell* people she wore diapers? And that she enjoyed wearing them? It was just so…so…well, appealing to her. To be so free, so open about wearing diapers, to be so casual about it. She wished so hard that she could be that brave, and she was truly in awe of her new coworker.

She must have been silent for too long, or wore a look on her face indicating something was going on in her head. Elizabeth looked at her warily, not saying anything but looking very very uncomfortable.

“Well, I suppose that’s that…let me show you to your workspace…”

*Don’t forget, sweet ones, Nanny Ella can make up a story all about you, and roleplay the type of scenes that I describe online! Give me a call…and put yourself in my bABies position!*

~Nanny Ella~

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