Cloth diapers and rubber pants
January 16, 2016
ABDL Bath Time with Mommy
January 17, 2016

One of the most exciting days in the nursery for this abdl mommy is when I get to meet a brand new smiling face! I always remember seeing their eyes light up when they realize that I will cater to all of the things that all of my little ones need! When I first take my new baby into the nursery, I show them the essentials of course. There are plenty of shelves full of neat stacks of disposable and cloth adult baby diapers. Plain and patterned, and many colors to cater to the tastes of my babies and diaper lovers! The changing table is cushioned and covered to make it nice for baby and clean for both of us! There is a large colorful rug in the middle, and near the edge of that is the high chair just for baby when it is time to eat! Toys galore make up the majority of the rest of open space. Because of course we must have plenty to do together during our free time.




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