Little Shrimp Dick Loser
May 24, 2016
What Did You Do Little Missy!
May 28, 2016

Although my life absolutely revolves around the happiness, care, and well being of my little ones, this ABDL Mommy needs to get the chance to spoil herself once in a while too! I decided to do just that today while I was out at the mall picking up a few things. I happened to walk by one of the high end lingerie stores and a lovely little negligee caught my attention from inside of the store front window. I went inside and had a quick chat with one of the sales associates and it was not long before I had an armful of lovely little numbers and was headed back to the dressing rooms to start trying them on. Of course, the sales woman wanted a peak and I think she even grabbed some of her male co-workers to watch through the cracks in the door. I can only hope all of you sweet adult babies will enjoy it as much!




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