Doctor Liz
May 15, 2016
abdl phone sex
Cuckolding Hubby
May 20, 2016

Looking down at you while you kneel on the ground before me, those big bright eyes looking up at me, the picture of innocence… Nothing quite warms this ABDL mommy‘s heart like seeing that sweet face. Of course, the best part of the whole picture is the fact that you are my perfect little diaper boy, smiling up at mommy. At first, you were confused and scared. You made such big stinky messes all over your pants. Mommy would constantly find those big wet puddles around the house, in your undies, and in the bed. Fed up, I made the decision to put you back in diapers and train you to become my obedient diaper boy. No more blushing for you when mommy makes comments about how full and saggy your diaper is. No more running away and hiding behind the couch to try and avoid changing time with mommy. You know better now!




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