Diaper Phone Sex
April 19, 2016
Sweet Little Cammie
April 21, 2016

“I am your mommy now you know and think you should listen to me. Do you want me to tell your father how you’ve been so disrespectful? You know how he gets and I don’t think you want that. Now do you?”
You hang your head in shame and astonishment.
“Now that’s what I thought. So come over here in your diaper and come play with mommy. Or your father will take away your trust fund.”
My new 18 year old son looks so sexy in his Bambino diaper and he’s going off to college and I’m going to miss my Abdl-baby. I pick you up and put you in the crib with toys to play with, a diaper in your mouth and a bottle beside you. “Who will I play with while you’re going away? Maybe I can blackmail your dad too and turn him into my new baby”, I say as I smile mischievously…



Come meet your favorite phone sex mommy!


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