Baby Cammie
March 20, 2016
ABDL Mommy Fetish
March 20, 2016

You call my phone and ask to speak with Mommy Liz.

“This is she”, I say.

You ask me to come over for some abdl fun. You answer the door excitedly when I arrive. I ask for the money up front and you hand it to me. I ask if we are alone and you nod your head yes. I untie and drop my trench coat and you stare at my sexy naked body. I ask your stipulations and you tell me. I pull out a diaper out of my bag and order you to take your clothes. When you undo them, I push you into the bedroom and force you onto the bed. I left your legs up in the air to put the abdl-diaper on you. I stand over you and place my wet pussy in your face while I play with my clit, fingering myself to get myself off. I feel your cock getting hard in your diaper and order you to jack yourself off through the diaper while I cum all over your face.



naked trenchcoat

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