Happy Easter Darlings & Mommies
April 9, 2009
I’m taking your Easter candy away!
April 9, 2009

moonlight swim

Mmmm, I just love the water – so warm and soothing. I especially like to put on some music and go for a moonlight dip under the stars, au naturale of course. All the boys in the neighborhood know this as well. They think I don’t see them peeking over the fence, trying to catch a glimpse of my glistening body in the moonlight, but I know – and it gives me that special, warm tingle. I love to perform for them, dancing to the slow, sultry music and touching myself. I secretly hope that I will entice one (or even all) of them into the water for a little under water exploration. Perhaps I’ll see you there tonight, peering, and you’ll be the one to join me for a midnight swim!

Mommy Gina

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