MILF Phone Sex With Crissy
April 4, 2016
Two mommies with one baby
April 6, 2016

I just love our ABDL Chat room nursery so much.  The smells of baby powder and all the cute little babies playing and their eyes getting wide as I walk in to go to work each day.  I get to talk to all the other mommies and get brought up to speed each day what happened while I was away.  There are some rather interesting stories since all our bABys have such different personalities.  I love to cuddle and snuggle all my bABys in the nursery.  I even enjoy changing all those diapers even if they are poopy.  Sometimes some of the A BDL bABies are naughty and draw on the wall when they think the mommies aren’t watching.  We are always watching and we always compare notes between mommies so no one gets away with anything including bABies Alyssa and Cam.  I can be the sweet Mommy you want or the Strict Mommy you need.  Call me! or come chat with me and the other beautiful Phone Sex mommies click here




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