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June 26, 2016
June 29, 2016

Mommy was just trying to get some work done when I smell the all to familiar scent of my abdl baby messing his diaper.  So I get up from my office and walk into my abdl nursery to check on my stinky baby.  As I quietly sneak into the room I walk over to the crib.  I gaze down at my precious little baby sleeping so peacefully in the crib, you look so calm, quiet, innocent…I know this is about to change as I wake you up from your nap for a diaper change.  As I lean down and whisper into your ear I see you start to stretch and yawn, when you open your eyes you look up at me and I see the beginnings of a hissy fit.  Before you have the chance to scream, cry or moan about being awakened I pick you up in my loving arms and rock you back and forth as I carry you over to the changing table, “Quiet my beautiful baby boy, it’s time for a diaper change.”


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