Brattiness Part 1
June 11, 2016
Diaper Punishment Phone Sex
June 19, 2016

In my cubicle, thinking to myself I say, “Gosh why is my boss such a sleaze?” . He always is staring at my boobs and making comments about the way I dress. And now hes calling me into the office. But if he tries anything with me, I have the perfect idea to get him to stop.

“Yes Mr Grant. You wanted to see me?” He starts babbling on about a new company project but I can barely pay attention because he’s staring at my boobs the whole time! This is the day I’m finally fed up. I get up and lock the door and I rant about him treating me like a sex object and how fed up I am. But I know how to get him to stop. I dig into my purse to pull out an abdl-diaper. And force you to put it on and make you into my sexy little adult-baby.



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