Such A Busy Nursery
May 15, 2016
Mommy’s Diaper Boy
May 15, 2016

“Hi doctor Liz. I’ve been needing help with my little Abdl problem”, you say fidgeting as you sit down and you take a peek up my black leather skirt. I cross my legs as I peer down at my notepad. “Is this about your hard-on again Timmy? You still can’t get hard in your Abdl-diaper? “, I ask. 

You nod your head. “I can only get hard with you doctor Liz.” I peer down at you through my glasses. “Hmm is that so? Well let’s see if you can make you cum through this little hard on. When I see that you are somewhat hesitant, I tell you that it will be apart of your psychoanalysis. You loosen up and say, “Ok, you are the doctor.” You pull down your pants to expose your diaper as I bend down on my knees in front of you to rub the front of your diaper.



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