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April 8, 2008

Teacher Fantasies

 Oh I know you have them.  Even I, when I was in high school had a mad crush on my one teacher.  I would walk into his class and make sure he could see my legs and my cleavage just fine.  I would wear the shortest skirts, and I know it got to him.  He would straighten his tie or his voice would crack a little bit when he said my name.  I kept on thinking how wonderful it would be to spend a little ‘extra credit’ time with him.  Sometimes some of my students do the same thing with me.  Guys and girls both.  I think it’s sweet, and I always wonder if they would like to stay after class to get a little ‘extra  Ms. Ava credit’. Ava
April 8, 2008

Hello Sunshine!

Today is GLORIOUS! It’s so beautiful outside, I have my french doors open upstairs and downstairs and there is this gorgeous breeze coming in.  The whole house smells fresh!  I adore days like this, I really do.  Sometimes I day dream about having adorable sissies having a tea party in my yard, all dressed up, enjoying the sunshine, or abies crawling around on my grass.  Thoughts of you all make me happy, in fact, that would make you all my sunshine! So Hello Sunshine! Love, Candy
April 8, 2008

Janey will make it all better

AB hasn’t been feeling well. I know just what to do to make a baby feel better. I know how yucky medicine is and babies don’t like to take it but I can make it fun. Afterwards I will get you all bundled up in a thick diapy and your favorite blankie. After I feed you, I will hold you close and sing a lullabye before you go down for your nap. When you get up, your gonna feel so much better and I’ll be right here ready to play. Little Janey
April 5, 2008

shopping with baby

This week I’ve had the enjoyment of doing some on line shopping with a couple of Mommy’s special little ones during our calls. It’s such a wonderful feeling to pick out special toys and outfits, and know that you’ll be thinking of Mommy even more than ever. I can’t wait until we’re able to enjoy these fun things during our upcoming phone time.
April 3, 2008

Mommy & Daddy

I got to do my very first call tonight with Daddy Paul and a sweet baby boy. Paul and I were his daddy and mommy. We cared for our son together bathing, diapering and taking him on an outing. It really was alot of fun and we had a very happy baby boy. Mommy Josie
April 2, 2008

ooo talk dirty to me

I started talking to this guy about my baby diaper fetish, and encounters I’ve had with friends of mine in the ab/dl set. I enjoyed discussing things I’m so passionate about, and got an extra thrill with a *what would you do* scenario he proposed.  Ooooo I’m still shivering with delight from our dirty diaper sissy play, and look forward to more fun with hot diaper boys… yesssssssss!
April 2, 2008

Sissies and Mistresses

I wanted to blog about someone that has been calling me for awhile now 🙂 .  I will not tell you his first name of course, because I didn’t ask permission to use it.  But, Sissy E is fun to play with.  He goes and sees a professional Mistress now and then and tells me all of the stuff he does, and I must say he is one lucky sissy boy!  Last time he went he was blindfolded and left alone tied to a chair, then he heard the door open up, and the next thing you know, he’s sucking on a strap on.  After a little while, the Mistress asked him if he knew how many people were in the room, turns out besides her, there were 3 others! lol.  How much fun would that be?! I know you are now thinking about it.  Sissy E thank you so much for telling me all of your adventures that you have, I really enjoy listening to them and imagining them, you make the calls so much fun.  I hope we can play again soon. Jenna
April 2, 2008


I hope everyone got to watch the tv show last night call womens fetishes.I loved the one about the abie girl and her boyfriend.He treated as if she were a baby girl and took care of her just as a daddy would his little girl.It was so cute to watch them together.I hope all  of our abies find someone as special as she did.Joan
April 1, 2008


Being that I love to get messy this fetish is right up my alley. Especially when you pair it up with AB play. I really enjoy getting all messy with my abies. There is actually a special on T.V. tonight that has a splosher and an AB girl. Everyone around here has been talking about the AB, but I really want to see all about sploshing. For those of you who don’t know about it, it’s a fetish where people love to get messy, whether with food, mud, paint or oil. And like I said, it really is fun to get messy with an AB. Getting clean is a whole nother kind of fun too. 😉 Mommy Sue
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