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December 6, 2015

Naughty Baby

I can see you have been a very naughty baby this year.  Mommy Candy does not like to give spankings, but you see I have no choice now.  I have caught you playing with your baby dick and staring at my picture on your night stand.  Is it that you find Mommy Candy so, so, sexy and irresistible that you can’t help yourself?  This is not the only time I have caught you. This is when I let it be known that I have been watching you the entire year and watching you at times you didn’t know I was watching.  I bet when Mommy Candy spanks you, it will get that little baby dick of yours ALL hard and excited.  It will be so hard that you will want to make a nice mess in that diaper of yours as you lay across my lap and I spank that bottom of yours.  You love the feel of Mommy Candy’s hand on that bottom of yours and you love when your head is resting against my nice, large, firm, breasts.  Oh look! I found a pair of my sweet smelling panties under your mattress!  Now call Mommy Candy to get that well deserved spanking of yours you naughty baby! 888*430*2010
August 15, 2015

U R Invited: Chatroom Slumber Party Tonight!

There’s A Party Goin’ On Around Here!!! WHEN: Saturday Aug 15th  7pm – Midnight  EST WHERE: Madison Chatroom SPECIAL RATE:  $1.69 PER MINUTE   BRING: All your fun baby things… BRING: Your diaper BRING: Your bottle BRING: Your Party Attitude…..   Come one …. Come All … to your ABDL, Diaper Lover paradise! Mommies, babysitters, diaper girls, and grannies will be waiting for you!. Bring your diaper bag or let us put one on you!    
August 11, 2015

Mommy Son Phone sex

MommyCandy loves mommy son incest phone sex. I love to hear your true stories or even fantasies about the first time mommy seduced you. I also have a few stories to share about the little pubescent boys I’ve seduced in my life. There’s something about being a little boys first sexual experience that makes Mommy Candy get moist between her legs. My boys are in collage now, but when they were in middle school, I would invite all their friends over for pool parties in my backyard so I can show off my body and teas them…I serve them beer and let them peek down my bikini top and I have them apply suntan lotion all over my body. I love watching them trying to conceal the raging hard on in their swimming trunks. I am by far the hottest MILF on the block and I know how to seduce and teas the little boys in to submission.  
July 23, 2015

Seeking ABDL to Nurture!

Hiya, babies! Mommy Barb here, hoping for a sweet ABDL to spoil and coddle. I am a mommy, and mommies need to have babies to love and take care of. I have a nursery all set up with all the toys and things that a baby could ever need! We can spend all day playing together and having a good time in the nursery. When your baby diaper needs changing, mommy will have you powdered and feeling fresh and clean again in no time! Whether you like disposable diapers, plastic pants, or cloth diapers with nice shiny diaper pins in them, you can be sure that mommy has them all ready for you when you get here! Feeling sleepy? Let me hold you while we rock you to sleep. Hungry? Let’s arrange a breastfeeding session from my big milky tits. Anything baby needs, I will take care of! Maybe you’re a dirty baby who doesn’t like to have clean diapers? We’ll let you sit and enjoy your warm, wet diaper for as long as you want! When our day is over and its time for baby to go to sleep, mommy will tuck you into your crib, pulling the covers under your chin so you’re comfy and warm. Night night baby. We’ll play again tomorrow. XOXO, Barb 888 430 2010
July 2, 2015

Forced Bi cock sucking

My husband is such a cumslut. Ever since I came home early and caught him wearing my panties and jerking off to gay porn, I made his life a living hell. Just the other day we were in the store and there was a huge black guy with a huge bulge in his pants. My husband’s eyes were practically glued to his cock. So I took him home with us and made my sissy fag husband suck him dry. I used to think it would be hard to get him to participate in forced bi cock sucking, who knew he would be so good at it!!!  
June 5, 2015

Lets play dress up !

First we will pick out a cute outfit.  I always liked short black skirts that hugged my plump bottom.  Then, I would pick out i nice blouse maybe, a pretty pink or purple one.  I also love silk blouses.  The silk feels so good on Mommy Sabrina’s soft skin.  After picking out a blouse we must find a pair of stockings to match with my outfit.  With a black skirt and a pink or purple blouse, I would probably go with a black fishnet stockings.  So, we have a cute outfit, now, what to wear underneath.  I love lace on my bra and panties.  I like when my bras are see through so that you can see my nipples.  For panties, I always wear a boy short pantie.  The way they show off my plump bottom.  Last but not least, what shoes to wear .  Mommy Sabrina loves black high heels but, could wear a color heel that matches my blouse whatever color i might chose for my blouse.  I just love playing dress up and feeling so feminine. I love to pick out a perfume that makes Mommy Sabrina smell so good like, White Diamonds.  You can always look pretty without looking like a slut.  Thank you playing dress up with Mommy Sabrina I had a lot of fun.    
June 1, 2015

Mommy Sabrina’s dreams

A lot of nights i worry about all my sweet babies being taken care of during the night.  I worry about how dry they are and if they are properly fed.  Mommy Sabrina has dreams sometimes of going to all of my babies and making sure that they are all properly taken care of.  I change them and kiss their foreheads making Mommy Sabrina feel so much better.  I look forward everyday to being able to speak to them and make sure they are ok.  Mommy Sabrina has all the love in the world for her babies.  An, the ones that are not babies but, like to be humiliated and made to feel like sissys, I always worry about you also.  Mommy Sabrina loves all her little ones and want to make sure that they are all well taken care of.  So,  If you are in need of a mommy that loves to make sure your diaper is changed or in need of a mommy that will make you feel like the girl you are, give Mommy Sabrina a call and I will make sure that all your desires are met !   
May 27, 2015

Mommy Sabrina loves to change diapers

Everyday , I change diapers for my babies and everyday, I tell my babies not too pee pee or poopy in their diapers but, they don’t like to listen.  This makes Mommy Sabrina upset because she has to change her babies.  It makes Mommy Sabrina also happy because she gets to be able to change their diapers.  Then, put my babies in the clothes they so desire.  Mommy loves to powder their little behinds and rub the powder into their bottoms.   But, if mommy says not to pee pee your diaper or poopy in it and her babies do, mommy gets upset.  So, Mommy Sabrina loves to change a diaper but, doesn’t like it that her babies might not listen to her.  So, if you call Mommy Sabrina, expect to get changed !  Remember Mommy Sabrina loves you and will always be the mommy you have always wanted.  
November 24, 2013

You’ll Never Be A Big Boy

He insisted he was a big boy until the accidents started happening again. I was almost sure our potty training phone sex was working. I noticed the smell when I cleaned his sheets. He promised it wouldn’t happen again but it continued on. So you know what I did? I put him back in diapers. He fought at first, not wanting to be treated like such an aby. But after a couple minutes I noticed he started enjoying it. He even told me he likes the way the diaper crinkles against his pee-pee. He even started cooing and telling me to treat him like a little aby. He even started wearing his diapers to school. When he gets old enough to start taking gym, I’d pay to be a fly on the wall in that locker room. So you see what happens when you make a mess in your bed? Act like a little aby and you’ll get treated like one.  Call Mommy for big boy phone sex training for you. Janey 888*430*2010
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