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November 10, 2007

out of control

I was unable to blog last week due to technical difficulties beyond my control, and I’ve missed my babies so very much! On the subject of control… I’ve had some very very naughty boys in my classroom this past week, and have had to administer some firm discipline to assure everyone follows by my rules. Mommy loves you all and can’t wait to see you in class this week.
November 6, 2007

I love sissies!

I just had to remind everyone once again how much I love the sissy babies out there. I love ALL adult babies! I had an amazing call last week with a sissy. She had never done a call before and had never really even explored being a sissy. She had been to afraid to confront that side of herself. But we took care of that, heehee. I walked him through the transformation from man to sweet lil sissy Aby and he couldn’t of been happier. Thats a really big part of what I love about working here at phoneamommy. Helping people explore and do things that they might never otherwise get to do.
November 1, 2007

Plastic Pants

Well I tried out my cloth diapers and plastic pants this past weekend. It was definetly a different experirnce. I think I will always be partial to disposable becausethat is what I was raised in and have been wearing for years now. But I think I will be slipping into cloth every now and then. I really liked the thickness. But my favorite part was the plastic panties. I absolutely love the look and feelpf plastic panties. I will be wearing them even over my disposables. And they come in so many cute patterns and colors! And that smell when they come out of the package, it’s heavenly. Give me a call and let me know about your experiences in diapers. I would love to share diaper stories with you.
October 30, 2007

I got my butt spanked

When my mommy went out to the store yesterday I just could not resist putting on my new dress for the halloween party. I was running around the house with the babies crawling after me and I fell down and ripped some of the lace. I quickly removed the dress and put it back in the box and shoved it back in mommys closet before she got home. Later that afternoon, she called me into her room. There on the bed was my dress,with a big piece of lace ripped. I immediately started to cry. Partly because my new dress was ruined and partly because I knew I was in trouble. I dont know how mommy knew that I had been into her closet again. I promised last week that I wouldn’t go in there anymore after I made a gi-normous mess when she was out. After she questioned me as to why I had defied her orders I got a lecture about taking care of my things and staying out of hers. Then she put me over her knee and took the hairbrush to my bottom. I screamed and wailed and got it even worse for wiggling around. Afterwards I stomped to my room. A litle bit later mommy came in with my dress. She showed me where she had sewn the lace back on […]
October 28, 2007

Messy diaper boys call Mommy Sophia

uh oh, did you make messies in your diaper?  ohhh dear, that’s ok, don’t fuss, Mommy’s going to clean you right up.  Mommy love love loves you in a nice thick soft diaper and when messes happen it’s right to the change table with you!  Let’s get you out of that and into something comfy and clean so you can come sit up on Mommy’s lap for snuggles and cuddles and all kinds of fun!  Mommy loves the way your plastic pants crinkle when you squirm around on my lap.  Does babe need a bottle? Or, something else…? Come tell Mommy Sophia what you need
October 27, 2007

Well, it’s been another rewarding week for Mommy Rebecca. At work where I teach I love being able to teach all the good little boys and girls how to make Mommy happy. Sometimes if they are REALLY good I will let them come home with me for for private lessons, those are the best ones of all. Sometimes when I think about cleaning their diapies and wiping them clean it makes me feel so warm inside.   At home it has been a great week too. I really enjoy being able to spend time with the babies I’ve grown to love. I love reading them stories and keeping them clean and happy. I have gotten to know some new babies this week too, being able to comfort them and give them the love they need makes my life complete. I have so much love inside, and being able to share it with my babies is what makes a bad day turn into a good one. I look so forward to talking to my babies again this week, and if you are one my new babies this week I hope to give all the love and comfort you ever wanted.
October 26, 2007

Fixing Bad Abies

     “Mommy told me that if I didn’t stop kissing the baby girls that you would make me into a baby girl toooos” he said. I smiled at him and said well your Mommy is no liar and today you will learn all about being a wittle baby girl, helpless against the others. First I pulled off the little train top he had on and replaced it with a cute pink butterfly blouse and his jean shorts for a pink skort.      Before the skort went on though I got him thickly diapered in cloth diapers and adorable pink rhumba plastic panties. He spent the rest of the day as Nanny Scarlet’s sweet baby girl. He was hesitant in the beginning and had to get spankies and soap in the mouth but he did eventually learn that wasn’t going to work. When his Mommy picked him up he was so sweet and obedient. Are you in need of some baby girl treatment?   Mommy Scarlet
October 26, 2007

Momma Lorraine looking out for her Babies

Hey babes, what’s happenin’ over here at the PhoneAMommy blog?  Everyone treating my babies alright?  They better be.  I know you are in good hands with all these sweet, sexy ladies but you know Momma Lorraine is always hanging out with a couple of my loyal and dedicated abies in tow, making sure everyone knows that the abies are here to be cared for and loved like the sweetest little things because that’s what they are, just the best thing a Momma like me could ever dream of.  Momma Lorraine is here to make sure you have a happy little diapered bottom too so call me for changing and for loving.
October 24, 2007

Cloth anyone?

I just got my new cloth diapers and plastic pants in the mail today. As some ofyou already know, up until now I have been a disposables girl. But so many of you talk so fondly of your cloth diapers and plastic pants that I just had to give them a try. So this weekend I am going to settle in for a nice quiet weekend in my new cloth diapers and give them a test run. I will let you know how that turns out.You should call me up so we can give them a real good test run. And maybe tell me some more ofyour experiences in cloth. I love hearing your stories and we can make some new stories together.
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