Crissy’s Emailed Fantasies: Chapter 5
March 6, 2016
Best of Both Worlds
March 6, 2016

Wake up, my sweet little ones… Mommy knows that your little tummy must be so empty and ready for a yummy breakfast this morning! Do not worry, darling. Mommy has been lactating and her big breasts are dripping and ready for my adult baby to come and drink up. My favorite way to spend our feeding time is when I sit in our big comfy rocking chair and I can lean back and take you into my arms. You wiggle your little butt around until you get comfortable and then you lean back so mommy can open up her shirt for you. There are few things that are more precious to me than the time that we spend bonding together when adult breastfeeding. You suck and suck at mommy’s breasts and I have to wipe little dribbles of milk from the side of your mouth every once in a while. You look so sweet and happy to be nursing from mommy.




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