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May 27, 2009
May 27, 2009
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Bedtime Ritual


I love bedtime rituals – here is one of my favorites:

After a warm, soothing bath, I dry you with a towel still warm from the dryer, and powder you all up. I slip you into fresh jammies, a clean diaper, and carry you to bed. There, waiting for you, is your favorite blanky and teddy bear. You snuggle down into the sheets, teddy in hand, as I tuck you safely into bed. A bedtime story of your choosing is next, as your eyes grow heavy, and start to close. After the happily ever after, I kiss you on the forehead, turn out the regular light as I turn on your night light, and whisper “ni’ nite baby, I love you, sweet dreams”, thus ending the bedtime ritual.

Now isn’t that a perfect ending to a busy day?

Mommy Gina


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