My New Baby
January 17, 2016
More games in Nanny Ella’s Nursery…
January 20, 2016

“Aww my little baby is all dirty. Its time for you to take a bath. Do you want to take a bath with your abdl-mommy?”

I get the tub filled with pink bubble bath. You poke the pink bubbles in the tub and is fascinated with making them pop. We both giggled. I take off your dirty clothes and place you in the tub. I then strip off my dress and hop in the tub with you. You poke my breast and say “boobies” in your cute little voice. We giggled again.

I get you all clean with my soft pink sponge, while you play with your toy boat and rubber ducky. You smile at mommy while I clean myself off as well. We rinsed off the suds by splashing each other in the tub, laughing an having a good time. I hop out of the tub and put on my soft, pink robe and then wrap you in a pink,fluffy, warm towel. Mommy loves bath time with her favorite ABDL-baby.




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