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June 7, 2016

Treats for Tots

and back, side to side, I can see you waddling around in that full diaper… The smell does not have me pleased, but the fact that you are on your way over to me in order to let your ABDL mommy know that you have a stinky diaper that needs changing is what brings a smile to my face! You have been so well behaved for me and follow all of the instructions that I give you, always knowing that mommy knows best! Being a loving sweet mommy, one of my favorite things to do is go out and pick a little special something out for those adult babies who behave just how they are supposed to! Some of them do even more than what I could ever hope for, and it only reassures me that I have been raising them just the right way!! XOXO Barb 888-430-2010 #abdl #mommy #phonesex Come chat with the phone sex mommies
June 5, 2016

Sissy Gang Bang

Mommy comes into the nursery to pick you up out of your crib. You’re wearing a sissy babydoll pink dress with white trm, a blond wig, and as you stand up, I see your abdl-diaper is sagging in the back. You stand up in your crib and react out for me to pick you up. I pick you up and put you on the changing table. I change your diaper and take you downstairs to your abdl-daddy’s poker table. You see daddy and all of his friends playing and you eagerly want to be the center of attention. As I put you down, you prance over to daddy’s friends and start lifting up your dress. Your daddy smacks you on the ass and asks if you’re going to be a good girl for his friends. You nod your head yes and climb up on the poker table putting your sissy ass in the air to be fucked. Liz 888-938-7382 Click here to chat with phone sex mommies!
June 5, 2016

Keep ’em Closed

You think your ABDL mommy does not see you over there smiling at me? Your big gummy smile is so cute, barely any teefies poking through the gum like little tic tacs. Precious… You clap your little hands at me, and it looks like you might want to play… I grin right back at you and begin the short walk over to your crib to lift you up and out, balancing you on my hip. I set you down onto the fuzzy carpet in the middle of the nursery and sit myself down across from you. Raising my hands up to cover my face, I hold them there and hear you take in a quick little gasp. I wait a few moments to build up the suspense before peaking out from between my fingers and shouting, “Peek a boo! I see you!” My adult babies always burst into a fit of giggles and laughs. XOXO, Barb 888-430-2010 #phonesex #abdl #mommy Come chat with the phone sex mommies
June 4, 2016

Trouble Part 7

I felt my Adult Baby Girl tremble and watched her little bottom hole quiver as I barely touched the phallus shaped nozzle against her.  I told her to take a deep breath and began slowly inserting the penis Enema nozzle inside her and then pulling out and pushing deeper inside her only to pull back as if teasing her.  I heard her panting and if I didn’t know any better I would say she was enjoying this a little too much.  With more force I pushed deeper into her and heard her gasp as the head was buried inside her Adult Baby Bottom.  Once I had it secure I unloosened the clamp and felt the warm soapy water flow through the tube as she squealed saying how much it hurt and her insides were feeling all full.  I wanted her to feel all nice and full and crampy so maybe this lesson will really hit home and she will never go outside without Mommy or Daddy again.  I watched her squirm over my lap as the soapy water kept running down the hose and into her little Adult Baby Girl bottom hole.  Once I was sure she had taken every last drop I slowly removed the enema nozzle and replaced it with a nice large Butt Plug.  Now she screamed and cried as she was all full […]
June 3, 2016

My Cuckold Bitch

Well my little cuckold phone sex bitch it’s about that time of the month again. Rent is about to be due and since I treated myself to some new heels once again you’re going to have to do what you do best and whore yourself out for the rest of our rent money. I’ll put that little mouth and over used asshole to good use so I’ll never have to bother working myself. I just posted all of the posts advertising your cock sucking skills and eagerness to be fucked. You’ll have so many cocks shoved in your holes that by the end of the day I might make a little extra and treat myself with another set of heels. With a little cock sucking whore husband like you a spoiled princess like me will never have to lift a manicured finger when I’ll just have you do it for me. Emasculation phone sex is the way to go when you don’t want to be bothered with earning your desires yourself. Ava 1-888-430-2010 Click HERE to chat with a phone sex Mommy #cuckoldbitch #cuckoldsissy #cuckolddomme
May 30, 2016

Sissy Prisoner

I cut into my juicy delicious steak as I look at you across the table. I’ve placed you in a high chair with you dressed in your sissy clothes of a pink sparkly dress and babydoll shoes, and a blonde wig with a now in your hair. I’ve handcuffed you to the high chair.  I see you eyeing my meal and you pop out your pacifier and say, “Can I have some Mommy?”. I laugh loudly and mischievously. Of course you can my little sissy baby. I made food for you too. You smile at me beaming. I come back from the kitchen and bring you a bottle full of formula.  You look confused as I sit the bottle in front of you. “Can I have some of your steak Mommy?” you ask me. I laugh once again, shake my head no and continue eating. “Of course not honey”, I reply. Liz 888-938-7382   Click here to chat with phone sex Mommy Liz!
May 26, 2016

Mommy’s New Nightie

Although my life absolutely revolves around the happiness, care, and well being of my little ones, this ABDL Mommy needs to get the chance to spoil herself once in a while too! I decided to do just that today while I was out at the mall picking up a few things. I happened to walk by one of the high end lingerie stores and a lovely little negligee caught my attention from inside of the store front window. I went inside and had a quick chat with one of the sales associates and it was not long before I had an armful of lovely little numbers and was headed back to the dressing rooms to start trying them on. Of course, the sales woman wanted a peak and I think she even grabbed some of her male co-workers to watch through the cracks in the door. I can only hope all of you sweet adult babies will enjoy it as much! XOXO, Barb 888-430-2010 Come and chat with the phone sex mommies! #abdl #phonesex #milf
May 24, 2016

Little Shrimp Dick Loser

I bet you’re reading this now because you’re a pathetic loser who loves small penis humiliation phone sex because it’s the only way that little shrimp dick of yours can even get close to being hard. I bet if I were to hold mu thumb up besides your pathetic cock my thumb would still be bigger than it, even when it’s hard! You even have little baby balls under that worthless dick of yours. They look like shriveled up little raisins who never got big enough to be a grape. Does your cock even cum Can it work at all? Or maybe it just lies there dormant because it can’t even produce enough cum to have an orgasm. This is why no woman in existence would ever consider sleeping with you. They wouldn’t be able to stop laughing long enough for you to penetrate her! Not that she would feel it anyways. You’re just an emasculation phone sex loser Ava 1-888-430-2010 Click HERE to chat with a phone sex Mommy #smallpenishumiliation #emasculationphonesex #dommymommyphonesex
May 23, 2016

Jizzing in Public

I notice you sitting down at the coffee table across from me. I can tell you’re the type of man I can play with and have some fun with. I walk over to your table and sit down without saying a word. You seem surprised and start asking me something about my name but I’m not paying attention. I smile mischievously and start rubbing your knee without responding. You’re caught of guard and under the table, I start running my hand up your leg towards the opening of your shorts and I feel your abdl-diaper. I tell you I like your diaper and can feel  your cock getting hard. I tell you that your being a good little abdl-baby. It makes me so horny to think how I would take you into the bathroom and sit you on the changing table to change your diaper. With you surprised at what this stranger is doing to you, I feel your cock getting harder and bigger until I feel you cum in your jeans underneath the table. What a good baby. Liz 888-938-7382 #abdldiaper #abdlbaby #abdlinpublic Click here to chat with the phone sex mommies!
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