Mistress Liz
March 20, 2016
Nanny Ella’s Nursery Tales: Pammy’s Playmate, Part 8
March 20, 2016

I know just how confusing it can be for sweet ABDLs like you to understand what it means when you find yourselves getting all worked up and excited from mommy’s touch. I do not shy away or act surprised. After all, when mommy is using her hand to rub that baby powder in between your legs, how could you not wiggle around and smile up at me? Your little peepee gets tingly and before you know it, there is a little mound showing in the front of your adult baby diaper! Goodness gracious… What is mommy to do with that? The way you look at me, smiling and asking me “mommy please?” is enough to melt my heart. How in the world could I say no to that sweet little face? I nod and slip my hand into your diaper for some mommy and son sex. My hands will get you all warmed up first.




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