My Buddy’s Birthday is Coming
May 20, 2009
ready for summer
May 21, 2009


Sometimes my ABies are a little reluctant to go for a walk in the park – especially when I have them dressed to the nines in full baby attire. In these situations I like to put them in a baby harness, complete with hand restraints, to make them a little but more cooperative! Now, to hinder further tantrums, I’ve added a little something special to the harness, *wink*. I have retro-fitted a little shocking device from a dog’s shocking collar to the back of the harness, as well as to the crotch strap. I can then administer and control the amount of punishment needed with my remote device. It might seem a bit harsh, but it will keep the biggest of babies sweet tempered and obedient! So tell me, are you ready for a walk in the park, or should I get the baby harness?

Mommy Gina


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