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“A’s” Fantasy Pt 1
February 6, 2016
Sick bABies
February 8, 2016

I have gotten you all dressed up in your lovely outfit and your tummy is full of mommy’s sweet milk… What could come next for us on our fabulous day together than play time in the nursery? I scoop you up in my arms, wondering how I got lucky enough to get to care for such a sweet adult baby. When we get into the nursery, your little face lights up with a huge smile and I see you start reaching out towards all of your toys. I give your adult baby diaper a squeeze to make sure it is not soiled yet, and then I put you onto the carpet and see you crawl over to start playing. We have fun like this for quite some time, and then it is time for baby to eat again! For lunch, I grab a bottle of baby food, spoon feeding you from your high chair. What will your abdl mommy think of for you to do next?




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