More games in Nanny Ella’s Nursery…
January 20, 2016
A Great Day With Mommy – Part 1
January 24, 2016
Well hello to all my adult baby cupids around the world out there! How is everybody’s week going? Are you ready for some abdl phone sex this valentine’s day? I know I sure am! I love going shopping for all my little candies and Valentines Day cards. I especially love my Valentines Day chocolates and roses from all my lovers. It’s such a cute holiday! Mommy can’t wait to talk to all of her little diaper lovers. How many valentines can mommy get this year? I’ll tell you what, mommy will give any one of her abdls who decides to call this Valentines Day, 5 free minutes if you purchase at least twenty minutes or more. This offer is only valid on Valentines Day and only if you call mommy Ava! So make sure to ask for Ava this valentines day at Phone A Mommy if you want five extra free minutes towards some fetish phone sex!

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