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January 5, 2016
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January 8, 2016
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Hi again fetish phone sex lovers. This is Mommy Ava and boy do I have some news to share! So I was just minding my own on youtube making a playlist when I stumbled upon something that you’ll actually have to see to believe! Well it just so happens that Miley Cyrus has just released a new music video to her song called “BB Talk” and let me tell you it’s exactly how it sounds! The whole video has her in adul baby clothing and in diapers and it was just amazing! She looked so cute in her diapers I just wanted to pick her up and take her home and raise her as my own adult baby! I was literally gawking the whole time it had to be the cutest adult baby video I’ve ever seen! If you ever have a minute you should definetly look it up, I promise it’s an abdl music video you’ll never forget!



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