Phone A Mommy
March 31, 2016
Loving on my Littles
April 3, 2016
Your phone sex mommy Ava is about to strip down and hop into a nice warm bubble bath when I hear the front door downstairs close. I quickly slip off my robe and slide into the tub, closing my eyes pretending to be asleep. I left the door ajar for a specific reason and I hear it walking up the stairs as we speak. I feel your gaze on me, trying my best to keep my eyes open without giving away that I’m awake. I manage one look and notice you rubbing yourself through your jeans. I start to rub my tits with the wash cloth and start to feel a sensation between my thighs.  I slide the wash cloth past my tits and start rubbing between my legs.  I love that my young son is watching me. You know your moms a hot phone sex mom. And she knows it too.
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