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March 16, 2016
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March 20, 2016
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Ava Suck’s Cock

My friend A would always mention wanting to try sucking cock to me whenever we got together for lunch.He’d tell me it was all he thought about sometimes. But then he’d chicken out. So one day I get a call for some no limits phone sex and low and behold it was A on the phone! We did a kinky roleplay where I dragged him over to this guy we saw at a bar and said…”he wants to suck your cock!” The guy took A by the hand and led us to his car. He dropped his pants… and waited. A did nothing. So I started stroking the guy and guided his stiff rod into his mouth. I got so turned on watching him suck his cock that  I even decided to rub one out right there! What about you? I know you want the same to happen to you but you’re too chicken to do anything about it. Give me a call and I’ll be your mentor! You’ll be a pro at forced bi phone sex at no time!





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